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Reliable, objective, and professional research and development services.

We are a Finnish company founded in year 2013 that has deep roots in academic and industrial research. The Blue Pipeline Solutions has home base in the city of Jyväskylä which is located in the Central Finland, roughly 200 km north from the capital city Helsinki. We offer research, development, and consulting services.

Our Mission

We leverage the scientific method and formalized research and development process for the benefit of our customers. We can enhance your business operations by providing a streamlined access to the vast base of scienfic knowledge and highly specialized expertise.

Our Values

Our operational guidelines are based on our core values, that follow the principles of ethical research practices. We are as open as possible about our research, while maintaining extreme client confidentiality regarding non-disclosured business related information.

  • Your non-disclosured information is safe with us.
  • The client has full authority whether material created under contract is published or not, and where, how and when it happens.
  • We follow the general rules of consultation and make always a contract on our commissions.
  • We invest considerable care to maintain our objectivity.
  • We focus on information and facts provided by the research.
  • It is up to the client to interprete value of the facts.
  • We are a reliable source providing information for our clients.
  • Our actions are governed by integrity, we keep our promises and act with sincerity.
  • We work actively to avoid errors from carelessness and negligence, and critically examine our own work.
  • We cite and credit our sources and their authors.
  • Our work is documented according to the best research practices.
  • We work constantly to maintain and improve our competence and expertise through lifelong education and learning.
  • We provide unbiased facts and our findings to the client.
  • This happens regardless whether the results are unpleasant to the client -- or to us.
  • Research results cannot be bought or dictated in advance.
The core values are crucial operational principles to us that safeguard the client advantage. They guarantee high standards and maintain our reputation as a reliable and unbiased source of researched information.
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