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Business development

We offer business development ser­vices for technology driven ventures, and can help you when launching new product or service development efforts.

strategy bpl-icon Strategic planning
Strategic planning
  • Business concept, competition and R&D strategies.
  • Key technologies and partnerships.
  • Product strategies, product lifecycle, and market strategy.
  • IPR and innovation strategy.
roadmap bpl-icon Roadmapping
Roadmapping and forecasting
  • Megatrends and industry related major evolutionary trends.
  • Technology and R&D roadmap.
  • Business and product roadmap.
  • Market trends and competition.
risks bpl-icon Risk analysis
Risk analysis
  • Major business risks.
  • IPR risk landscape.
  • Technology selection related risks.
  • Bayesian analysis, decisionmaking, utility, and game theories.
piggy bpl-icon Funding
  • Funding modes and strategies.
  • Exploring funding alternatives in Finland.
  • Private money.
  • Public R&D funding.
We'll help you to make right decisions when developing business with research and development investments, and to maximize return of R&D investment while minimizing risks.
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