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R&D projects

We offer R&D project services, where we can take care of some part of the technical R&D segment for you, do your research, or accelerate your innovation processes.

survey bpl-icon Survey
  • The first step in research is to survey for information.
  • Literature survey; know what is out there.
  • Feasibility study; can it be done?
  • Resulting a document on findings with references to sources.
research bpl-icon Research
  • Formulate the research questions.
  • Generate research plan.
  • Do research and analysis.
  • Document results.
project bpl-icon R&D project
R&D project
  • Turnkey solution for R&D.
  • Preliminary study, goal setting and research plan.
  • Research and development.
  • Implement targeted solution, and generate documentation.
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