R&D services

Blue Pipeline Solutions Ltd provides con­sul­ta­tion in technical R&D related matters such as AI, cybersecurity, and algorithms. In general we can help you with mathematics, physics and computer sciences related problems without off-the-shelf solutions.

ai bpl-icon Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Technologies and trends.
  • Algorithms and methods.
  • Software and hardware platforms.
  • Potential applications and data.
cyber bpl-icon Cybersecurity
Cyber security and mathematical cryptography
  • Cryptographic algorithms and methods.
  • Encryption, authentication and authorization protocols.
  • InfoSec and cybersecurity.
  • Cyber security architectures, software and hardware.
algorithm bpl-icon Algorithm development
Algorithm development
  • Digital signal processing (DSP).
  • Optimization and inversion.
  • Numerical simulations and modelling.
  • Control and measurement applications.
We are hired for our strength in innovative problem solving, understanding about R&D as business investment, and research and development services leveraging higher mathematics and computer sciences.
computerscience bpl-icon Computer science
Computer science
  • Software, hardware, operating systems and protocols.
  • Programming languages, databases, and data processing.
  • Software, database and system architectures.
  • Network technologies, devices and architectures.
math bpl-icon Mathematics
  • Statistics, stochastic processes, and probability.
  • Time-series, forecasting, data mining, and data processing.
  • Mathematical models; differential equations and expansions.
  • Information theory, complexity and mathematical analysis.
physics bpl-icon Physics
  • Mechanics.
  • Flow and convection; fluid dynamics.
  • Electromagnetic radiation and waves; optics and acoustics.
  • Thermodynamics.
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