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Sweat equity

Are you embarking with your new technological business venture? We are willing to involve ourselves in your technological start-up venture as partner in ad­vi­sor, board member or mentor roles.

mentor bpl-icon Business Mentoring
Business mentoring
  • Informal personal service.
  • Personal coaching.
  • Mentor advices, guides and ecourages.
  • Challenges and asks questions.
advisory bpl-icon Advisory board
Advisory board
  • We'll join your formal board of advisors.
  • Service for a business or a company.
  • Strategic advisory and guidance.
  • Help in formulating management, marketing and sales practices.
board bpl-icon Board
Board membership
  • We'll join your company board.
  • Work for supporting the operative management.
  • Looking after interestes of your company -- and its owners.
  • Bringing our knowledge and experience to support your company.
We'll participate in your new business venture by investing our skills, experience, and expertise so that you can be successful.
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