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Training and education

Do you need a tutorial or more in depth training on some subject? We can provide you primers, tutorials, short trainings and courses on desired issue that are focused for educating predefined type of audience.

101 bpl-icon Tutorials and primers
Tutorials and primers
  • Basic introduction to a subject.
  • Assuming no previous experience about the subject.
  • Short written material and/or a single lesson.
  • Tailored for specific type of audience.
lecture bpl-icon Lectures
  • More in depth technical training.
  • Assuming some previous knowledge about the subject.
  • Written material and one to four separate lessons.
  • Tailored for specific type of audience.
course bpl-icon Coursework
  • A larger study module.
  • A stand-alone course that lays groundwork, enables further studies, and sets learning goals regarding the subject.
  • Written material, several lectures and the final summary.
  • Tailored for specific type of audience.
We can prepare and guide your personnel to learn new things.
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